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“Drawing with light”

Portrait and theater photography allows me to connect three different fields of interests - art, technology and social interaction.
The essential part of photography is light, no matter if it’s natural or artificial. The artistic value consists of using the current available possibilities to create an attractive presentation of the subject for the viewer. Like a painter using a brush to paint his or her ideas on the canvas, I draw with light and capture it with the camera. So, the camera represents the connection between my subject and my idea.
As a portrait photographer, I would like to shoot not only the appearance but the character and the personality of the person. Only if I get to know my subject, I am able to create a real portrait.
Most of this applies to theater photography too. While shooting in theaters, it is not sufficient to get only the essential moments, but the understanding of the whole play influencing the pictures.
With the combination of my calm, my concentration and my ambition to gain experience, I come to my next shooting.

Martin Hauser

Martin Hauser

Changing the workflow

Over the years a photographer evolves a personal workflow that increases productivity and optimizes efficiency. You get to know your tools and gear, every button and every quirk. So you know your stuff.
This is the point that I reached some time ago. I know certain processes to create a specific look in a photo, the strength and flaws of my camera and the tools in postproduction.

focusing on photography

Since the original concept for my personal webpage a lot of things have changed. First of all, I have become a professional in photography. My main areas of interest are portrait and theater. Second, the ingenious graphic artist Maria Eichinger designed a logo for me. Third, as an Vienna based photographer, most of my clients are German-speaking. Therefore I’d like to provide the website in German, too.