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About Martin Hauser

Martin Hauser 2013

Who am I?

This may be the question everyone ask himself or herself. But in the end we are all human beings. But what is all about? I won't answer this question, but the original one: I was born and live in Vienna, Austria. Although I love this city, it's the unknown that fascinates me. Hence, traveling through the world is one of my many ambition. Even traveling through the space would be amazing, but, you know, that's not feasible at the Moment. Besides those dreamy stuff, there are a few other things that feel right - photography, dancing and IT. Lately it was photography that reached my heart.

Why photography?

I was always terrible in painting, but I liked to express my feelings in one way or the other. After searching for the right instrument, I ended in photography. It does not require to create stuff from the ground up, but to work with the existing. You may argue that photography is just "pressing the (shutter) button" and you may be right. But the mankind always tried to imitate the nature around us. Even paintings are mostly resembling nature. So the question remains: why photography? Because it is possible. It is possible to capture one moment of feelings, one moment of motion and emotion, one moment of action and reaction, one moment of you and me. And I love that. I love to share what I see, feel and what inspires me. But in the end it counts what photography means to you - the viewer of my pictures.


Each online platform has its advantages and disadvantages. On each platform you are confronted with legal issues and other problems. But one of the main reasons is the ability to represent my work the way I want to. It is like a exhibition: it should be unique, personal and focused on the work itself. All these requirements are realized on my own website. So everything on this site represents me.

Next Generation Coding - Sublime Text 2 and Git

Typically I write my project in text editors like TextWrangler (the little free brother of BBEdit), but since I needed to rework my workflow, I decided to rethink my complete tool chain.


NTFS-3G is an open source implementation of the Windows file system "NTFS" developed by Microsoft Corporation. It can be used by Unix-like operating systems to read and write on NTFS formatted hard drives.